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ARC Survey

On behalf of Academic Resource Center (ARC), we have a special opportunity for you to participate in a survey about the visits you made to our center in Fall 2012 semester. The ARC is focused on delivering excellent tutoring experience and therefore, would like to include your valuable opinion on how well we took care of your most recent visit. The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Please take a moment to complete the survey now since this link will only be available until 12:00 noon CDT on 05/15/2012.

Please click HERE to take this survey.

If the above link is not click-able, you may copy and paste or type the URL below into your browser window:.

Thank you for your participation.

Spring 2013 Employment

The Resource Center has posted its ARC Scholar and monitor application online at CMC and FWS positions. You can submit your application here: We are looking for applicants in the following areas:
How to write a research paper:
Step 2: Searching the literature
The next step is gathering information. It helps to choose specific key words that directly relate to your topic.  These are the words you will use to search for in Google Scholar or whichever search engine/database you plan to use.  The IIT library website provides access to numerous databases in various subjects.  If you are unsure about which database is right for your research question, talk to your professor/instructor, a librarian, or one of the tutors at the ARC (they may have prior experience).  Choose keywords directly from your research question. Many search engines allow you to search multiple words at once. For instance, if my question was, what is the difference between depressive symptoms in Eastern versus Western cultures?, I may choose to enter, "depression," and "Eastern culture." Entering "depression" by itself would provide too many results.  Specificity is key; however, bein…


We are hiring for Fall 2012 semester. The positions are available in all areas of tutoring. All federal work study students must complete the application at financial aid web site and all non-federal work study students must complete an application at career management site. For full consideration, please complete ARC application at
It was suggested that I write do series on how to write a research paper.  I will add a new step each week.
Step 1: Choosing a Topic
You cannot begin to write a research paper without a topic.  Choosing a topic may seem like a simple task, but it is sometimes a complicated process.  As undergraduates, you are typically assigned to write a review of the research in a particular area, such as psychological disorders or genetic diseases.  Pick something that interests you!  For some, writing papers is a tedious task.  Picking an enjoyable topic rather than choosing an easy topic, such as one in which you know a lot of information exists (e.g. a topic the media covers regularly) may make the process more interesting.  
When you have no idea what topic to choose, talk to your professor/instructor or flip through your book to get an idea.  Once you have chosen a general area as your focus (it could be as general as "depression" or "Huntington's disease"), perform a Goog…

MS 201 Exam Review at WH-119 & Live stream

MS201 Exam Review by Mike L. at WH-119. Attend in-person or live stream at:

online limited to 45 attendees. in-person limited to 25. Online live streaming through Fuze meeting available on iOS and Android.

Exam review sheet for MS 201:
Spring break has come and gone, and there's only a little over a month left in the semester.  Some of you may feeling unmotivated and wishing it was time to sleep in like last week instead of going to your early class.  Hopefully these tips will help you push through!
1.) Don't set the bar too low or too high.  Too low leads to procrastination and too high leads to discouragement and frustration.  Try to set attainable goals that are bit challenging.  Also, try not to pile on the goals all at once - try focusing on just a few at a time.
2.) Stay strong!  You spend a significant amount of time during the day resisting things you want, like a cookie or some time to enjoy the nice weather.  After a day of this, your brain is tired. Give yourself a break and find ways to avoid some of those temptations.  
3.) Don't do things to please others, do them for yourself.  Internal motivation leads to greater success.  Talk with a a friend or family member to help you reexamine why you&#…

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! It's tough being a student and wanting to celebrate Valentine's Day, whether that means doing something with your sweety or celebrating being single!  For one, at least this year, most of us had class or something school related on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  That being said, actually celebrating the holiday the day before, the day of, or the day after is likely not happening because not only do we have class, but we have homework and exams to study for in the evening.  Then, there's the fact that going out to dinner, buying flowers, etc. can break the bank especially for a student's bank!  However, Valentine's Day can still be special.  Many of you may have done something to celebrate this past weekend, but you can set aside a night this coming weekend to be your V-day.  Forget the flowers and candy- make your sweetheart a nice home cooked dinner!  You will save some money and show your thoughtfulness as well.  Think outside the box …

Appointment Tutoring

Current IIT students can now make appointments with the ARC Scholars. You can view the appointment schedule and other information by using our online tutor management system ( Student appointments are available online through ARConnect and in-person at the ARC.
ARConnect: The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is starting a new program to help you with tutoring and finding resources to improve your learning skills. Online tutoring is free for current IIT students similar to all services offered through the ARC. You can make an appointment by logging on tutortrac ( and viewing the availability ("search availability" link) for ARConnect (center). The ARConnect has limited hours and can be increased upon demand. For questions about ARConnect, please email (subject: Requesting information for ARConnect).  Academic Resource Center offers the following free programs: Peer Tutoring Appointment Tutoring Group study spac…

"stay healthy" tips

I hope you have taken some of the "stay healthy" tips into consideration.  To build off of that topic, I have a few more informative facts about dodging the flu.
1.) Being cold will make you sick. FALSE!  Going outside without a coat will not make you sick - it will just make you shiver.  You have to be exposed to a virus to come down with a cold or the flu.  
2.) Using an old toothbrush will make you sick.  FALSE again!  It is fine to use the same toothbrush you used while you were sick after you recover.  Your body becomes immune to the specific virus that made you sick.  Using someone else's toothbrush...that's a whole different story.
3.) Hotel rooms have germs.  TRUE!  According to research from University of Virginia School of Medicine, 1/3 of hotel room surfaces still had germs for almost an entire day after a sick person stayed overnight.  Something to keep in mind if you're traveling during cold and flu season.
4.) Kissing your sick boyfriend/girlfriend will…

healthy winter

Well it's that time of year again. Yep, you guessed it...flu season.  Here are some tips to help you say healthy this winter
1.) Wash your hands often.  Well duh! But, don't forget to wash between your fingers as well as the backs of your hands.  
2.) Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.  Your body may produced too many cytokines, proteins that trigger cold symptoms when you're sick, when you are sleep-deprived.
3.) Eat food with lots of antioxidants.  Vegetables, fruits, red beans, and green tea.
4.) Invest in a humidifier that keeps the humidity between 40 - 60%.  The droplets in the air that contain the virus may shrink quickly in dryer environments, so they float around longer. If the air is moist, the droplets are more likely to fall to the floor faster.
5.) Skip the drinks.  Alcohol can impair white blood cells' ability to fight viruses for up to 24 hours after drinking a bit too much.  
(Adapted from Women's Health, Nov. 2011)