Monday, December 15, 2014

ARC Spring 2015 Hiring

The Academic Resource Center is looking for qualified students who can help with MMAE (AE Major), MATH, CS, ECE, CHEM and BME (Neural or Imaging Track). If you are interested in working for the ARC, please apply here:


Friday, December 5, 2014

Final Week Schedule

Final Week Schedule is now available here: 2014F Final Week Schedule

Monday, December 1, 2014

Update: Late Night Tutoring at MSV now includes MMAE

The ARC Scholars from MATH, CAE, ARCE, ECE, CS and MMAE areas will be working at the MSV Fishbowl room on Thu & Fri evening 7pm till mid-night!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Late Night Help for the Final Exams: Tutoring in MSV

We are hosting cramming sessions on Thursday (12/4) and Friday (12/5) night at the MSV Fishbowl from 7pm till mid-night. Currently, only three ARC Scholars are participating who can help with MATH, CAE, ARCE, ECE and CS areas. No need to make an appointment, just drop in during the tutorial sessions.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


ARC is looking to hire additional tutors in the following areas:


Apply here:

You will be contacted by the ARC if selected for an interview.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thank you for all your comments. We want more!

SerapheimD: I am only alive because of this man! thank you have him fail his classes so he can help me next year! peace out |

SilvaR: Very helpful!!! I feel so much better about the material after meeting with him. |

SubashL: He explained very well. I really have a good concept of my work. He explained everything in details. |

SuL: He's Awesome! |

TayJengC: Best physics tutor EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |

TristanL: yeah hes good at math. like a book with numbers and stuff |

VeronicaH: She told me what I had to do in a very simple, fast, and clear manner. |

WeronikaS: Weronika is awesome and knows her stuff!! |

WesT: Thank you Wes for being able to help me with all of my classes at the same time as I talk about the things I don't understand in each of them |

YiYunF: She was great at helping us understand how to do a similar problem for the future. |

YuanbinW: Great help. Now I have a better understanding of how to approach problems. |

MiriamS: Miriam was helpful and offered study tips and key topics that should be studied. |

NicholasC: Thankfully he helped me through my Real Analysis and persisted despite the difficulty level of the course. Great job. |

PranavaS: one of the best physics tutors, explains difficult concepts very clearly |

QingW: Great! Qing is super knowledgeable and helpful. |

RaisaV: Raisa, from MMAE table is an amazing tutor! She helped alot! |

RohitA: He was very helpful. He knew his information and I have learned more in these 2 hours than I have in my whole semester so far. VERY good tutor. |

SamuelA: Both Anh and Samuel helped me. Thank You! |

SerapheimD: Excellent Tutor!!! He is the reason I am passing my class!!! |

We have so much to share.

JeffreyP: stayed past his allotted time. thanks! |

JeffreyS: Very helpful in explaining homework problems that covered difficult topics. |

JoshuaG: He was able to help me with my MATLAB problems without just telling what to type out. |

JunyuY: very helpful. I am now ready for my exam. |

KathleenL: She taught me was amazing...she is amazing . |

KennethR: Ken is amazing and he gets the job of tutoring effectively and quickly! he's the BOSS! |

KulsumI: She is an outstanding tutor! |

MadhushreeG: Very helpful on problems. Checked work step by step. Made sure answers were understood. |

MeaganL: Meagan really helped me out she is very friendly and I was very comfortable asking her questions. I will come back for sure when more exams come up to ask for her help. |

MelindaB: Great tutor. Explained concepts thoroughly |

MichaelD: Always A treat to work with Michael. |

MingyangY: Got me on the right track! |
DylanB: Dylan was extremely helpful with this subject. In fact, he was so helpful he never once needed to assist me with my hw |

ElizabethM: I know the student because we have the same major and year. It was helpful because I'm used to working with her. |

ErezM: Erez is very proficient at matlab and is a good tutor! |

FaezehossadatK: Thank you for your excellent tutor. |

GeorgeB: George is the best!! Great guy, great tutor..very helpful!! I'm a business wiz now!! |

GraceD: :) thanks a looot :) she is the best |

HyeSunJ: She is the most awesome tutor in the ARC! Thanks for your amazing help HyeSun. Your remarks helped bring my architecture project to a higher level. |

JaeideJ: Jaeide was an amazing tutor. He made me confident for the exam |

JamesM: Fantastic. Very friendly and not judgmental. Extremely knowledgeable about the area of questions I had. |

JamesP: organic chem makes more sense!!!!!! |

This is what your peers are saying about the ARC

AbhiroopC: Abhi is an exceptional tutor. He is very knowledgeable about the subject, and provides clear explanations. |

AlexandraM: Great, helped us with our work step by step and made sure we knew what we were doing. Thanks! |

AndyH: Fantastic!!! Very helpful. Made things very understandable. |

AnneC: thank u Anne u r the best!!!! |

BhavinP: I understand how to use Revit now! |

BidushaP: Bidusha is a very very very helpful tutor. I have been so better in my class after I have been visiting her. her words set in your mind and clear your confusion. |

DarrellM: Darrell obviously knows what he talking about! Hes very good at physics! |

DonelE: Donel helped me so much. I am going to pass my test tomorrow! |

Monday, January 27, 2014

Spring 2014 Syllabi (

We are creating electronic files for course syllabi. Feel free to drop off your syllabi with the ARC monitor at HH-112. You can access this semester syllabi here any time: