Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another school year has started.  It was my twentieth first day of school.  Sadly, I've gone from being excited and anxious about my first day to "here we go again" mindset. In elementary school, I enjoyed all aspect of school, not that I was opposed to a few snow days.  In high school, I loved talking with my friends before and after class and playing on the tennis team. Then came college.  Of course it was exciting and new at first.  I enjoyed many of my classes and engaging in various activities that Ohio State had to offer.  Yet, as I reached my junior and senior years, college became the gateway to my ultimate goal of becoming a clinical psychologist.  I was so busy with classes, my senior thesis, and applying to grad school during fall quarter of my senior year that I had to miss the Mirror Lake jump (a tradition that occurs every year before the OSU/University of Michigan football game).  Now, here I am in my third year of grad school.  Even though I enjoy my classes (well, not stats), I find myself wishing the summer would last forever.  It seems harder than ever to get back into my studying routine and I am not sure why.  Maybe it's because I don't have anything pushing me to get the work done as I did in high school and college.  For instance, today I am supposed to work on my masters.  Will I actually get to it today, though?  There is no actual due date, so it tends to go on the back burner- there's always something else that gets in the way.  I should write this blog first.  I need to go work out now.  If I finish the novel now, I won't have the urge to read for fun instead of read these articles tomorrow.  Basically, it all comes down to motivation.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I am currently visiting Shanghai, China.  It is a very modern, interesting city and I appreciate the opportunity I have been given to explore it.  As I walk down the streets I take in the environment—the people, the cars, bike, and mopeds rushing by me, the stores, and the buildings—I interpret everything I see, hear, and smell in relation to what I'm used to experiencing in the United States (or rather in the mid-west).  I find the fruit markets on the street exotic and the men carrying cardboard boxes and trash on the back of their bikes unusual.  I want to take pictures of the clothes hanging from a clothes line over the side walk and of the melon being sold on sticks.  Yet, to the people who live here, these things are ordinary.  I try to be discreet with my picture taking and hope I offend them when I snap a picture of them or their every day lives.  Do they wonder why the White girl is taking a picture of their home or their fruit stand?  I think I need to consider what it feel like if the tables were turned. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Remember my post a few weeks ago about moving?  Typically you dread the packing and everything else that goes along with moving, as I mentioned in the post.  Typically you also feel a great sense of relief when the last box is unloaded at your new place and all of the other annoyances don't seem as horrible as they previously did.  I wish I could say this was the case for me.  To those who have had a negative experience moving, I now understand how you feel.  So, for those you about to move, here are some helpful tips (most of which involve U-Haul).


1.) Make sure you know the exact location of U-Haul or another moving company (do not type Logan Square U-Haul into Google map and assume it provides the correct directions to your destination.  It took me to a drop off location, which was 13 blocks away from the actual location!).


2.) Do not assume that U-Haul will have the truck you reserved, especially if it is a busy moving day (weekend, end of the month).


3.) Do not assume that the truck/trailer is ready to go just because you are given the keys and told that it is ready.  Check to make sure there is no lock on the back of your trailer/truck!  (Yes, we drove the U-Haul from Logan Square to Uptown and realized that there was a lock on the back with no key to open it. 


4.) Measure door widths and the width of your furniture to make sure it fits before you ever even think about loading it in the truck. (My couch is now sitting in the alley behind my new apartment because it was too wide to fit through the doorway).


To those who are moving in the near future…I hope your move goes much better than mine!