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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! It's tough being a student and wanting to celebrate Valentine's Day, whether that means doing something with your sweety or celebrating being single!  For one, at least this year, most of us had class or something school related on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  That being said, actually celebrating the holiday the day before, the day of, or the day after is likely not happening because not only do we have class, but we have homework and exams to study for in the evening.  Then, there's the fact that going out to dinner, buying flowers, etc. can break the bank especially for a student's bank!  However, Valentine's Day can still be special.  Many of you may have done something to celebrate this past weekend, but you can set aside a night this coming weekend to be your V-day.  Forget the flowers and candy- make your sweetheart a nice home cooked dinner!  You will save some money and show your thoughtfulness as well.  Think outside the box …

Appointment Tutoring

Current IIT students can now make appointments with the ARC Scholars. You can view the appointment schedule and other information by using our online tutor management system ( Student appointments are available online through ARConnect and in-person at the ARC.
ARConnect: The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is starting a new program to help you with tutoring and finding resources to improve your learning skills. Online tutoring is free for current IIT students similar to all services offered through the ARC. You can make an appointment by logging on tutortrac ( and viewing the availability ("search availability" link) for ARConnect (center). The ARConnect has limited hours and can be increased upon demand. For questions about ARConnect, please email (subject: Requesting information for ARConnect).  Academic Resource Center offers the following free programs: Peer Tutoring Appointment Tutoring Group study spac…

"stay healthy" tips

I hope you have taken some of the "stay healthy" tips into consideration.  To build off of that topic, I have a few more informative facts about dodging the flu.
1.) Being cold will make you sick. FALSE!  Going outside without a coat will not make you sick - it will just make you shiver.  You have to be exposed to a virus to come down with a cold or the flu.  
2.) Using an old toothbrush will make you sick.  FALSE again!  It is fine to use the same toothbrush you used while you were sick after you recover.  Your body becomes immune to the specific virus that made you sick.  Using someone else's toothbrush...that's a whole different story.
3.) Hotel rooms have germs.  TRUE!  According to research from University of Virginia School of Medicine, 1/3 of hotel room surfaces still had germs for almost an entire day after a sick person stayed overnight.  Something to keep in mind if you're traveling during cold and flu season.
4.) Kissing your sick boyfriend/girlfriend will…