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Well it at least cooled down to the high 80s. But it's still hot and it's still very humid.   So, how else can you stay cool? Some ways are obvious. Wear the least amount of clothes possible or if you live alone, just wear your birthday suit (just make sure you close your blinds).  Surround yourself with fans and place a large fan in an open window.  Some people say that opening a window in such heat is just letting hot air into the house/apartment, but Chicago tends to be breezy (thank goodness!)   Wrap an ice cube in a wash cloth and hold it to your face or wherever you need to cool off.  Drink plenty of ice cold'll cool you off and keep you hydrated.

But what else? I don't think there's any magic answer to our question, unfortunately. Along the same lines as my previous post, I am a fan of going somewhere cool if you can't be cool in your own home.  Go to a coffee shop, a book store, campus, a friend's.  It won't be a permanent fix of course, but it will be a nice break from sweating.  Another option? Go to the beach...there's likely to be a breeze by the lake and you can go for a swim if you get too hot. Let me know if you have any other ideas!


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