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If you live on campus there are numerous study locations.  For instance, the library is the first location that comes to mind when I think of studying.  It has been the "go to" study place for years and years.  It makes sense, of course. It's quiet, there are resources, such as text books and computers, and there are plenty of tables to spread out your papers and books.  Yet, some people feel that libraries can be too quiet.  They work better in a quiet, but slightly more active area. Sometimes that extra buzz in the background of others working gives us a reminder that we should be working as well (instead of on Facebook or dozing off).  This type of atmosphere is a little harder to come across, however.  A coffee shop sometimes serves as a good option, depending on who happens to be there at the time. I'm sure everyone knows about Starbucks on 35th! Another option is coming over to the ARC or if it's warm outside, you may want to try to find a nice grassy area.  What about those who like a noisier spot?  I would suggest the dorms (if you live on campus) or the MTCC.  If you live off-campus, you may need to do some exploring.  A restaurant (sandwich shop or fro-yo place) may have more conversation than a coffee shop, but if wifi is necessary, make sure you check if the place has it first! 

It all comes down to what works best for you.  If you realize you don't get much accomplished in a coffee shop setting, then save coffee for a study break rather than a study place.  I admit that I like the idea grabbing my latte and typing up a paper at Starbucks (or whatever coffee shop I happen to be near), but in reality I end up getting distracted by the people around me.  The next thing I know, an hour has passed by and I hardly have anything typed. Likewise, people may have told you they are much more productive in the library; however, you have tried it a few times and seem to be bothered by the silence.  Then, don't go to the library.  Just because it is the typical study location does not mean it's the right spot for you!


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