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Exam Week

Well, exam week has arrived unfortunately. I absolutely hate taking exams- multiple choice, short answer, essay. I would much rather write a paper or do a presentation than take an exam. Some of you may share my dislike and it is likely because you have test anxiety. Then again, is anyone perfectly calm when they're about to take a test? Probably not too many. A few nerves are helpful because they get your adrenaline flowing, which helps you stay alert. A lot of nerves do just the opposite of helping you. You may notice your heart beating rapidly, heavy breathing, inability to focus, and continuous thoughts about whether you are answering questions correctly, the amount of time left, etc. Here are some tips to help conquer your test anxiety.

1.) Try to get to the room early and choose spot to sit where you feel most comfortable.

2.) Wait until after the exam to drink caffeinated beverages (it doesn't hurt to bring a water bottle, however).

3.) Try not to talk to others who have not prepared for the exam- their doubt and negativity will only increase your anxiety.

4.) Eat something before the exam.

5.) Make sure to get enough sleep the night before.

6.) Take deep breaths - count to 5.

7.) Imagine yourself taking the exam and feeling confident.

8.) Budget your time while taking the test.

9.) Focus on answering one question at a time rather than thinking about how many you still have left to get through.

10.) Don't panic if other students turn in their exams before you. It's not a race!

Good Luck!


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