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Appointment Tutoring

Current IIT students can now make appointments with the ARC Scholars. You can view the appointment schedule and other information by using our online tutor management system ( Student appointments are available online through ARConnect and in-person at the ARC.


The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is starting a new program to help you with tutoring and finding resources to improve your learning skills. Online tutoring is free for current IIT students similar to all services offered through the ARC. You can make an appointment by logging on tutortrac ( and viewing the availability ("search availability" link) for ARConnect (center). The ARConnect has limited hours and can be increased upon demand. For questions about ARConnect, please email (subject: Requesting information for ARConnect).   


Academic Resource Center offers the following free programs: 

Peer Tutoring 

Appointment Tutoring 

Group study space 

Exam Reviews 


Supplemental Instruction (only selected sections) 

Online Tutoring 

MAC & PC lab 

SMART room equipped with AppleTV & SMARTBoard


  1. Now A day Huge of Personality Development Courses are available Successfully. Great Job Thanks to update.


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