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Remember my post a few weeks ago about moving?  Typically you dread the packing and everything else that goes along with moving, as I mentioned in the post.  Typically you also feel a great sense of relief when the last box is unloaded at your new place and all of the other annoyances don't seem as horrible as they previously did.  I wish I could say this was the case for me.  To those who have had a negative experience moving, I now understand how you feel.  So, for those you about to move, here are some helpful tips (most of which involve U-Haul).


1.) Make sure you know the exact location of U-Haul or another moving company (do not type Logan Square U-Haul into Google map and assume it provides the correct directions to your destination.  It took me to a drop off location, which was 13 blocks away from the actual location!).


2.) Do not assume that U-Haul will have the truck you reserved, especially if it is a busy moving day (weekend, end of the month).


3.) Do not assume that the truck/trailer is ready to go just because you are given the keys and told that it is ready.  Check to make sure there is no lock on the back of your trailer/truck!  (Yes, we drove the U-Haul from Logan Square to Uptown and realized that there was a lock on the back with no key to open it. 


4.) Measure door widths and the width of your furniture to make sure it fits before you ever even think about loading it in the truck. (My couch is now sitting in the alley behind my new apartment because it was too wide to fit through the doorway).


To those who are moving in the near future…I hope your move goes much better than mine!


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