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I am currently visiting Shanghai, China.  It is a very modern, interesting city and I appreciate the opportunity I have been given to explore it.  As I walk down the streets I take in the environment—the people, the cars, bike, and mopeds rushing by me, the stores, and the buildings—I interpret everything I see, hear, and smell in relation to what I'm used to experiencing in the United States (or rather in the mid-west).  I find the fruit markets on the street exotic and the men carrying cardboard boxes and trash on the back of their bikes unusual.  I want to take pictures of the clothes hanging from a clothes line over the side walk and of the melon being sold on sticks.  Yet, to the people who live here, these things are ordinary.  I try to be discreet with my picture taking and hope I offend them when I snap a picture of them or their every day lives.  Do they wonder why the White girl is taking a picture of their home or their fruit stand?  I think I need to consider what it feel like if the tables were turned. 


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