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Ok, it's time for some more energy boosting activities and tips!  

1.) Sitting all day in a classroom or at your desk can make you feel sluggish.  So, get moving!  Take a walk, do some jumping jacks, or get up an stretch every now and then to get your blood circulating.  

2.) Get a change of scenery.  Whether that means doing those jumping jacks outside or taking your work to another room in your house doesn't matter.  The new surroundings will help give you a quick lift.  You may want to choose a spot near a window or with bright light to boost your energy even more.

3.) Drink water.  Make sure you stay hydrated during the day.  If you notice you're nodding off in class, grab your water bottle and take a few big sips- that should wake you up!  Put a slice of lemon in your water to perk you up even more.

4.) Take a power nap.  A 30 minute nap is enough time to let your body rest without it going into deep sleep. You're brain will be ready to work again!

5.) Caffeine.  Yes caffeine.  No one said it was all bad.  Don't overdo it (stick to 1-2 cups of coffee per day) and try to just drink it in the morning.  Otherwise, you may feel jittery and/or have trouble falling asleep at night.  Drinking green tea is a great alternative to coffee with slightly less caffeine.  You may also want to try a nonfat latte in the morning.  The protein from the milk will provide you with energy in addition to the caffeine boost.


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