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The past couple of posts have been about energizing yourself in various ways.  Well, I am going to give you one last post along the same lines...energizing foods! Let's face it, we all like to eat, but sometimes the foods we put in our body don't have the nutrients we need to get us through the day.  Sure, that bag of chips will fill you up for the next half hour, but doesn't it make more sense to eat something for lunch that will keep you satisfied for the next few hours?  Here are a few super foods that will do the trick.

1.) Whole grains (bread, brown rice, oatmeal, etc.)  Whole grains keep you full longer because the blood absorbs their nutrients at a slower pace than high sugary foods.  So, instead of grabbing a candy bar and experience that sugar and crash that follows, whole grains will keep you going for longer without the plummet.

2.) Nuts (try to go for raw/dry roasted and unsalted)  Nuts are a great source of protein and magnesium, which helps convert sugar into energy.  I make a trail mix to eat during class when I start to feel a bit hunger and tired. It includes almonds, peanuts, a few walnuts, soy nuts, raisins, and sometimes pepitas (pumpkin seeds).

3.) Fiber (found in beans, whole grains, whole fruits and veggies, and some cereals)  Fiber gives you a more study energy supply by slowing down digestion.  You can get fiber enriched granola bars and cereals like Fiber One that taste yummy and give you a great source of fiber!

4.) Fresh fruit is full of water, which hydrates and energizes you.  Skip the pretzels and grab a juicy apple or celery sticks instead.


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