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Today, I witnessed something at the ARC today...something that helps make the ARC a unique and special place.  Now, that's silly you may think-- a tutoring center isn't special.  Maybe not on it's own, but the people (especially the tutors) prove otherwise.  Today a student came to the monitor desk in need of help with his physics homework.  As the monitor, I glanced at the physics help table and realized the tutor a physics tutor was not available at the moment.  I stood up and asked, directing my question to the left side of the room (where the chemistry and engineering tables are located) if anyone could help with physics.  The chemistry tutor, after asking which physics class to ensure his competence) readily volunteered to assist the student.  Even though he was in the middle of doing his own work, he put it aside to help a student in an area he was not assigned to tutor.  I commend him for stepping up in this situation.


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